Bike4Health is primarily all about more kids on bikes. Whilst our schools enjoy a half term break it seems like a good time to reflect on the positive impacts we have on our ‘riding customers’.

We explore and ride out on mini-adventures so they can see beyond their ever shrinking neighbourhoods and increasingly isolated lives.

We work regularly with Schools in Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne and their riding adventures are all different in some way. Other than them all involving riding a bike the one constant is the kids positive reaction to the experience.

Even when faced with a challenging ride because of the weather or perhaps they have struggled with fitness or confidence all our riders have not failed to achieve. And after perhaps a little time (to warm up, particularly at this time of year) they can enjoy the sense of achievement and take something from the joint endeavour that they have just completed with their friends.

The kids from Wise Academies Group of primary schools, Morpeth Road, Malvins Close and Croftway have been enjoying exploring rides with curriculum content since the beginning of the Autumn term across years 3 and 5.

Year 3 braved the Autumn term with shorter rides to explore the man made and natural features of the river landscape.

Year 5 have been out most recently during the Spring term braving the changing weather to explore the local area and to the coast to explore natural and man made coastal features such as rock pools and lighthouses.

We look forward to hearing and seeing Year 5 thoughts on their experiences when we finish the Autumn term but in the meantime here are some of the written thoughts of Year 3.

We look forward to sharing the thoughts of the Year 5 riders from their adventures to the coast.