1:1 Cycling Coaching


Our 1:1 Cycling coaching sessions are for anyone from absolute beginners to those looking to push their skills to the next level! They are bookable from £40/hour – if you want advice on session lengths please enquire at info@bike4health.org.


Get more confident and #bebikehappy

Our 1:1 Cycling Coaching sessions are bespoke sessions aimed at helping you or your child improve their cycling skills. This can include everything from helping your child get more confident on a balance bike to helping you push on or off-road skills even further.

Our cycling coaching is based on a £40/hour charge. This does not include location or hire related charges – coaching on location to improve off-road skills may incur transport charges for example.

We can also supply equipment to help you or your child progress.

Who is this activity suitable for?
Anyone who wants to improve their cycling. We have the competency to coach absolute beginners all the way up to adults wanting to push their on or off-road skills. Please enquire if you have a specific goal that you want to achieve.

What do we provide?
British Cycling qualified and experienced coaches to deliver our sessions

What do you need?
   – A goal to achieve!
Whether it be your child pedalling for the first time, sending that big drop-off you have always looked at but never tried, or negotiating that rush-hour roundabout we are here to help – all we need is your ambition!
– Equipment
These sessions work best when using your own equipment, but we are more than happy to supply bikes, helmets, and accessories as necessary, please just ask.

Sessions from £40 per hour.
Book online today at: bike4health.org/shop

We look forward to seeing you
Ride safe and #bebikehappy


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