It’s another exciting day at Bike4Health as we go live with some innovative new software from Hubtiger.

The software, which includes a customer app (free to download) allows us to interact with our customers directly via the app, or alternatively email and text, about your bike while it is with us in the Workshop.

Of course we can and will still speak to you on the phone or face to face when you visit us in person.

Click to watch the video.

Hubtiger is now integrated into our website for a simple and straightforward online booking experience which ensures we have all the details of you and your bike ahead of it arriving in the Workshop.

Hubtiger enables us to look after your bike with improved communication and information. With meaningful real time communication between you and your assigned mechanic you can understand exactly what stage your bike is at and critically approve and confirm any decisions that need to be made.

For the keen cyclist, the Hubtiger app can sync with Strava to advise you on when to replace your consumable components, help you select and book services, and even tell you the weather on your favourite routes. Hubtiger can also process payments in app, allowing us to help you get back out on your bike as soon as possible. 

Click to download the app.

Have a look at the video and website explaining how Hubtiger works for you, us and much more.

Hubtiger has just been adopted by ACT (Association of Cycle Traders) our industry body, which is a good sign and supports our decision which we made back in July prior to us moving to our new premises.

We look forward to exploring and developing all aspects of Hubtiger with all our customers at Bike4Health and with the running of Bike4Health Community Cycling Club which is waiting in the wings for launch in 2021.

We hope you share our excitement as we take this step forward and please let us know your experiences of using the App, receiving our workshop communications or anything else you feel like we should know that maybe useful!

Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you again soon. I think you know where we are now.

In the meantime ride safe and #bebikehappy!