Service and Maintenance

We have a fully equipped, full service workshop at our Benton HQ with 4 full time highly qualified and experienced mechanics ready to look after your bike(s). Our mechanics are industry qualifed with minimum Cytech 2 and have extensive knowledge of the major industry suppliers of bikes and parts including Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo.

We offer a full range of services and bespoke workshop training courses and have extensive supplier arrangements. All our services will involve discussing your bikes requirements and the work that is recommended. If we need to order parts that you have agreed, we will discuss the likely timing of receiving those parts and completing our work. Any changes we will advise you. We believe transparency is the best policy when it comes to providing a top quality service. 

Hubtiger, our new booking and workshop management software enables us to communicate with you better. Once your bike is booked in you will receive updates via text/email on it’s progress. You can even download the Hubtiger app and respond to notifications and approve parts and ultimately pay you bill via the app. It also syncs with Strava, so you can manage the wear and tear on your bike against how much you ride it.

 To book a service, simply select below, add your contact details and then select a date for dropping off your bike. If you don’t see what you need or you’re just not sure click through and select General Assessment and we’ll go from there when you bring your bike in.

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Basic Service

This is our bike MOT/health check service.

A basic safety assessment that includes checking and inflating tyres, adjusting brakes, gears, and headset.

Tightening all relevant bolts to recommended torque settings.

A safety check is also carried out to identify any worn parts.

A full report is generated highlighting areas of concern and recommended actions 

The price does not include the supply or fitting of any parts.


Standard Service

We recommend this service every six months for regular riders and commuters.

This includes a full safety check as in the Health Check Service.

This service includes replacing inner cables and outer cables (where not internally routed or beneath bar wrapping), chains and cassettes and none-tubeless tyres, all of which are regular consumable parts. Minor wheel truing is included in this service. Brake bleeding, bottom bracket replacement and tubeless tyre replacement are NOT INCLUDED.

The price does not include the cost of parts but does include cost of fitting where parts are required. The cost of parts will depend on what parts are required for your service.


Custom Service

A tailored service to suit the exact requirements or your bike.

Our experienced mechanics will discuss your requirements and customise the Service to suit your precise needs. Were happy to assess your bike, have a chat and agree which of our recommendations you would like us to fulfill.

The labour charge will be dependent upon the nature and amount of work required.

The cost of this service is determined by the amount of labour and parts required to meet your requirements.


Comprehensive Service

This involves stripping your bike down to the frame. The frame and parts are then ultrasonically degreased and cleaned before rebuilding your bike.

During this process, all mechanical brake and gear cables are replaced.

Where applicable, the wheel hubs, headset, and bottom bracket are also fully serviced.

The wheels will be tensioned and trued. Any worn parts can also be replaced during this Service.

The price does not include the cost of parts but does include cost of fitting where parts are required. The cost of parts will depend on what parts are required for your service.


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