This latest installment is well overdue! I can’t believe it was last year when I posted the last one.

Rest assured and rather unfortunately we haven’t been out riding our bikes, we’ve been busy progressing the workshop and storage space to get it secure and fit for purpose. In between times we’ve been out and about at alternative transport planning meetings, customer meetings, fixing bikes and of course we’ve been out with the schools we ride with.

So as we said goodbye 2018 and hello 2019 our roller door and access door were fitted as anticipated. Not only does it provide security and good access, but also keeps the wind out (or at least most of it!) by closing off the front end of our space. It’s a massive improvement in ease of access compared to our previous little room at JWSC. It’s on another level altogether.

We finished constructing our workshop, fitting double glazing units to the big central window to allow as much natural light in as possible whilst retaining as much heat as possible. I have to say it’s rather snug!
Once we were all secure it was the first of few van loads to officially move out of JWSC and receive the first bikes into the space. Next the racking!
So what’s next? Now the workshop is ready, the finishing touches – tools, work stands, lights and flooring oh and a radio! More bike racks to be prepared ready for the next transfer. We need to install windows to the high gable ends, plumb the wet area and install the lighting. Once that’s done we can start painting the walls to give it a bright
clean finish.

And that’s just the start!

I’ll not leave it so long next time as we should hopefully be ready to GO!