Bike4Health is a registered Bikeability Provider. 

Bikeability is the nationally recognised cycling award scheme that runs in three levels. Each level is a progressive award which builds on the learning from previous levels. 


Bikeability is a carefully structured award scheme but we recognise each school and organisation is different. We work closely with all our partners to make sure that they can have the most rewarding bikeability experience possible.

Bikeability Level 1

Level 1: Delivered in groups of between 3 and 12 in a car free tarmac environment. At level 1 riders will cover:

  • Preparing for a journey
  • Checking a cycle is safe and ready to ride
  • Setting off, pedalling, slowing and stopping
    Bikeability Level 2

    Level 2: is delivered in smaller groups of up to 6 participants per instructor. The course is focused on enabling safe, short journeys like heading to school or to the shops. In Level 2 participants will cover:

    •  Cycling safely and responsibly
    •  Identifying hazards
    • Starting, stopping and maintaining good riding positions
    • Sharing the road with other road users
    • Complying safely with road signals and signs
    • Manage risk when cycling
      Bikeability Level 3

      Bikeability level 3 is delivered in groups of up to 3. Trainees cover how to deal with much more dynamic road situations including busier streets and queuing traffic, complex junctions and roundabouts. 

      • Planning journeys
      • Riding assertiviely
      •  Maintaining proper position on complex roads
      • Cooperate with road users and understanding vehicle blind spots
      • Passing traffic and using junctions
      • Using infrastructure and multi lane roads
      • Riding on roads with >30mph speed limits

      From the bikeability website:

      The ‘feelgood’ power of Bikeability

      • Children need to overcome challenges to build confidence.  We all remember the wobbly first start as we took off the stabilisers as youngsters. But as they say, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget.
      • Teenage freedom: driving to work or college can be expensive for teenagers.  Getting used to cycling from an early age encourages them to see cycling as a healthy, affordable way to commute.  It’s also part of the Government’s ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ to see more of us choosing bikes over vehicles to go about our daily business. 
      • Proud parents, guardians and grandparents love to see children progressing through life. Don’t forget to keep capturing these moments on video! Pack a tissue or two for when you look back and see how far they’ve come!


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