Staff Training

We’re all about getting #morekidsonbikes. Helping schools make cycling part of their culture is impotrant to us, so we offer a range of staff training options so that you don’t have to rely on us to deliver all of your cycling activity.

Ride Leader & Coaching Training

Bike4Health can facilitate staff training on the British Cycling Coaching and Ride Leadership pathways. This is organised by B4H but delivered by British Cycling’s education team. Ride leadership in particular is a very valuable qualification for Teachers looking to develop off site riding with their schools. 

Continued Proffesional Development

Bike4Health is committed to providing opportunities for staff and teachers to develop in confidence with coaching, ride leadership and Bikeability. We will always look to support teachers looking to develop their skills further by providing opportunities to shadow on rides, gain ride leading expereience and work with other schools to observe their cycling programmes. There are also always opportunities to gain maintenance experience at our workshop. 

Bikeability Training

Bike4Health is a registered Bikeability provider and can offer Bikeability delivery training to your staff & teachers. This will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that will help your staff facilitate a cycling programme.

Bike Service & Maintenance Training Courses

If you have staff or colleagues regularly working with bikes we can provide bike maintenance training workshops to help bring their skills up to the required level. 

We can deliver cycling coaching on a 1:1 to a 1:4 basis and working on your own cycle equipment, so your team understand how to take care of the equipment they use most regularly. 

Maintenance courses are bespoke and can focus on the basics or progress to more advanced skills over multiple sessions. 



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