The B4H Workshop in Benton, North Tyneside, is now an Authorized Servicepartner for CANYON bicycles. 

Our workshop has been working with customers of CANYON for years, but now by joining teams with canyon UK we can provide a higher level of service for CANYON riders. With full support from the UK CANYON customer service centre, we can provide full warranty to support with access to OEM parts. We can also provide in depth servicing for complex & cutting-edge bikes with proprietary parts such as TT bikes or downhill bikes like the speedmax or the sender. 

We will also be providing build services for CANYON customers. If you don’t wish to build your bike yourself, we can do it for you. We understand that not everyone wants to build and maintain their own bikes – some people just want to ride – so if that’s you, we’re here to help. 

CANYON have recognised that whilst some of their customers love their direct-to-consumer model, sometimes people need local help with their bike, whether that be advice on sizing, service & maintenance or help with broken parts. We’re all passionate about cycling, and it’s difficult to replicate conversations and assistance like this online. 

CANYON has been rolling our ASPs (Authorized Servicepartners) recently across the UK, and has brough their high operational standards to their process of identifying partner shops. Nick Allen, manager of CANYON UK said recently in Cycling Industry News;

“We’re super selective of people and shops we want to partner with. Our ASP Partners must have the right environment, the same goals, objectives & desires – being the best at what they do – because that’s what our brand stands for.”

“It’s all about us delivering the best possible service level, to CANYON riders.”

At B4H we’re excited about being able to provide quality servicing to CANYON riders across the North-East. If you need help with your bike, you can book online via our website, by calling 0191 250 9367 or visiting our workshop in North Tyneside.