Shimano has issued a product recall for 11-Speed Bonded Hollowtech II Road Cranksets produced between June 2012 to June 2019. This applies to Dura-Ace & Ultegra products. 

Bike4Health is offering support to customers who have a Shimano crankset which is under recall, to inspect their cranks and replace any damaged or dangerous components, regardless of your original purchase location. 

Identify whether your crankset is recalled here:

Bike4Health is offering, Free of Charge;

  • Inspections of affected cranksets to determine whether they are damaged or not.
  • Replacement of qualifying, damaged cranksets free of charge.
  • Full 30-point inspection assessment of your bike whilst it is in the workshop with us, with advice, free of charge.

Get peace of mind for your bike by having us check it out.

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Important Information for customers

  • Bike4Health are providing crank inspections under the terms laid out by Shimano’s UK importer, Madison UK. 
  • Only qualifying, damaged cranksets can be replaced under the scheme free of charge. 
  • REPLACEMENT CRANKSETS MAY NOT BE A DIRECT MATCH FOR YOUR PREVIOUS CRANKSET. This is due to supply line considerations. The crankset supplied will be fully compatible with your bike but may not be a like-for-like replacement. Shimano is still due to issue full guidance regarding this. 
  • Timelines are still to be confirmed for replacement cranksets to become available. We are awaiting further details from Madison.
  • B4H is only completing work on bikes to replace cranksets and set up gears as outlined by Shimano. Further work is chargeable by agreement with B4H workshop. 
  • B4H’s Free 30-point inspection is limited to a visual inspection as per our standard assessment process. This does not include detailed diagnosis and removal of parts to diagnose internal issues. This does not include work to make good issues with gears and brakes not otherwise covered by crankset replacement. 
  • Further work agreed between the customer and B4H following on from assessment that is not covered by the crankset replacement is fully chargeable as per B4H’s standard workshop process, in full agreement prior to work being carried out.

B4H’s standard terms and conditions apply at all times and can be read here: