Lock it up

HUGE advantage of using the bike – didn’t have to de-ice the car today! It wasn’t particularly frosty on the ground so there were no problems handling the bike. I love the thought that using the bike is keeping me fit AND saving me money on petrol, especially after the extreme Christmas foodie indulgences.

It feels good to be out and getting around without having to use the car. Went out to the shops and parked it up using the bike racks provided. I used the two locks provided by Bike for Health, sturdy horseshoe one and a long wrap around one – both stay on the bike permanently. I didn’t feel worried about leaving the bike.

You wouldnt get a car park space like this!

Luckily for work I’ve been given a space to put the bike, so it doesn’t suffer from being outside all day.

At home it is locked up in the bike shed. I haven’t found it too much of a faff getting it in and out now that I know the best way of doing so. I’ve been surprised at how long the battery lasts. Before Christmas it was down to two bars. I hardly used it over Christmas because sadly I can’t fit the whole family and the dog on it, but it is still on two bars. Not had to charge it yet.